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My "Art Gallery" is a place to display "scene" art and other art that I find interesting.
If you would like to display your art or you know of a website that you think should be
included in My "Gallery", E-mail Us at suggestions@widowswalk.com


The Domina's Photoshop Art

More of Domina Skye's Art

morix's Art
This ungifted idiot is known as morix, as seen in european magazines such as SM-MS, Heavy Rubber, and from websites such as Torture Galaxy. This crawling worm works mostly with pen and ink in black and white, scanner and direcly on the computer. This 60+ almost impotent slave likes to be kept in restraint, do housework, be submitted to medium pain and humiliation. In ordinary life he works with handicrafts in metal and wood, he also paints in oil and works with wood sculpture. You can contact morix at morix20@hotmail.com.
A "Cutting" by Domina ~Z~
The "blood sport" known as "Cutting" can be an amazing art form. Temporary art, carved into the very skin of a willing "canvas". Depending on how you look at it, it's a pity that in just a few weeks it's completely gone without a scar in sight.
insect's Art
insect's images are influenced by 17th century Japanese erotic art prints, Art Nouveau illustrator Aubrey Beardsley, perceptual illusions, and contemporary High Fashion fetish art. These dark Byzantine Sadistic sensual dream-like tales use skeletal subtle composition to dramatize, enhance and smoulder their message of lust, delight, subjugation and violence for the love of an audacious insatiable and vivid MISTRESS. The media are felt-tip marker and Photoshop's drawing, distortion and coloring tools. Also it should be noted, insect feels that it is the Domina's "Hair" that enslaves him to Her.
Joe Lucchese's Art
Joe Lucchese is a character designer and illustrator. He is inspired by such artists as H.R.Giger, Joel Peter Witkin, Simon Bizley, Bengus, and especially Yasushi Narasawa. He also would like you to know that "he likes cashews!". You can contact Joe at jlucchese@earthlink.net
Joker's Art Sididis Art Gothique
Cemetery Art

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